The Mission Of The Library

The noble mission of the Armen Aroyan Library-Museum is to collect, preserve, and make available materials with an enduring historic value to be accessible to both scholars and the community, for research purposes and for the enjoyment and appreciation of the rich Armenian history, culture, and heritage.

The Armen Aroyan Library-Museum is a collections-based, non-circulating, special community library established by Mr. Armen Aroyan, through a generous donation of over three thousand primary and secondary sources. The Armen Aroyan Library - Museum aspires to become a repository of material pertaining to the Armenian Studies. Furthermore, Armen’s vision is to create an intellectual center, where a series of cultural events would bring Armenians and non-Armenians alike in pursuit of Armenian studies and research.


The Library-Museum Team


Armen Aroyan, Founding Director

Armen Aroyan is an electrical engineer, a maestro, a pilgrimage leader, a philanthropist, a bibliophile and a book collector. His passion for books started at a young age influenced by his father, Albert, who was an avid reader and a book collector himself. Armen’s interest in book collecting deepened during his pilgrimage to the small villages and towns in the ancestral lands in Historic Armenia. During more than the hundred trips that Armen organized, spanning over 27 years, he not only visited the towns, but he also collected contemporary material about the local history. In addition to his philanthropic activities, Armen continues to support organizations that are dedicated to the preservation of the Armenian language, religion, culture and heritage. The establishment of the Armen Aroyan Library – Museum is a testament to Armen’s conviction that “First and foremost, last but not least, it is all about keeping the memory of our rich legacy alive and propagating it for the future generations.”

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Liza Mardoyan, MLIS, Librarian

Liza Mardoyan earned her Master’s degree in Library & Information Science from the University of California, Los Angeles. She specialized in Rare Books, Manuscripts, Print, and Visual Culture. Her research interests are in the history of the book, literacy, and transfer of knowledge within the east and west Mediterranean cultures in the 17th and 18th centuries via the book trade through merchant mobility routes.