The Collections

Collections in the Armen Aroyan Library - Museum are extraordinary and represent a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, Armenian art, architecture, music, literature, language, history. There are books and pamphlets, periodicals, almanacs, reference works and ephemera. Below are the featured collection.


More About the Collections

The strength of the Armen Aroyan collection lies in its thematic and linguistic diversity. The availability of materials in different languages such as English, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Turkish and Armeno - Turkish, make them accessible to non-Armenian researchers.

For bibliophiles and bibliographers, the Armen Aroyan collection is a treasure- trove of first editions, subsequent editions in multiple languages, by various publishers, and in different cities around the world. Signed author copies, dedications, and marginalia await to be discovered and researched.

Antiquarian Books

Dating from 1690 to 1920, this collection includes early printed Armenian Books including rare editions.

Historic Armenian Village and Town Histories

This rich collection includes almost an exhaustive literature about the individual histories of the villages and towns, where Armenians once resided.

Periodicals and Almanacs

Comprised of a variety of titles, this collection includes the complete first editions of Teotig’s almanacs, and many rare issues of Keghouni and Pazmaveb, to name a few.