Charitable Involvements in Armenia

NGOs and Organizations based in the U.S which provide relief efforts to Armenians in Armenia

1. SOAR- Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief
Based in Philadelphia, SOAR provides humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenian children and adults
with disabilities throughout the world. SOAR’s humanitarian relief efforts, strives to provide orphaned
Armenians throughout the world with resources fundamental to their physical, emotional, and
intellectual development. Over time, the goal is to provide this underprivileged population with the
tools necessary to become accomplished, educated, and self-supporting Armenians.

2. Armenian Lighthouse Charitable Foundation
Based in Southern California, the charity supports a facility in Yerevan for neglected women and their
children providing them with a safe place to live and vocational training and counseling. Their mission is
to provide shelter and vital services to at-risk Armenian women and children, and preserve the integrity
of the Armenian family.

3. Armenian International Medical Fund (AIM)
Based in Southern California, AIM The mission of AIM Fund is to create and maintain innovative health
care programs in Armenia and be the health care provider of choice in the Caucasus. Since 2004, 76
children and young adults have undergone successful cochlear implant and two BAHA surgeries. As a
result Armenia has become the Regional Center for cochlear implants in Caucasus and is second only to
Russia in providing these services.

4. Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR)
ABMDR works in conjunction with patients’ doctors, international registries and transplant centers to
find matches for patients’ bone marrow transplant. It was formed in 1999 and its track record in
facilitating bone marrow transplants and autotransplantation procedures, its global impact as a national
bone marrow donor registry working in Armenia, Artsakh, and the diaspora, and its research and
development of new therapeutic technologies at its Stem Cell Harvesting Center in Yerevan — ABMDR
has been entrusted by the European Federation of Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility (EFI) to twice
host the EFI Training and Educational Meeting in Armenia, in 2011 and 2014.

Organizations which provide Investment and Redevelopment Opportunities in Armenia:

1. Children of Armenia Fund

A nonprofit NGO, Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) works to secure a future for children in Armenia’s

impoverished rural villages through improved education, healthcare, community life and economic

conditions. In their work with the people in the rural villages of Armenia by helping repair the local

infrastructure and restore basic living standards and human dignity to the villages. Their projects

include, education, economic development, agriculture, infrastructure building, water projects,

community developments and healthcare.

2. PAROS Foundation
An NGO based in Berkley, CA, the Paros Foundation's goal is to develop high quality high integrity non-
governmental organizations in Armenia by significantly upgrading their working environment, providing
guidance and needed resources. The Paros Foundation works with six organizations in Armenia involving
the arts, children and people with disabilities. They support entities by giving them organizational
operating funds, office space and operational resources and mentoring. The mission is to help these
modest size projects manage their growth and attract more financial, human, and physical resources to
their respective causes. They also have travelling and in-country resources that other philanthropists or
philanthropic institutions may choose to utilize to support their efforts to improve the quality of life and
culture in Armenia.

3. Fuller Theological Seminary
Is based in Pasadena Ca, they build and repair houses in partnership with families in need. They have
multiple projects in Armenia and ask for volunteer hours or donations to help rebuild or remodel home
sin Yerevan and rural Armenia. Their work helps provide decent homes to Armenians in need and help
revitalize communities.

4. Armenia Tree Fund
Armenia Tree Project (ATP), a non-profit program based in Woburn and Yerevan, conducts vitally
important environmental projects in Armenia's cities and villages and seeks support in advancing its
reforestation mission. Since 1994, ATP has made enormous strides in combating desertification in the
Caucasus region. More than 5,300,000 trees have been planted and restored, and hundreds of jobs have
been created for Armenians in seasonal tree-related programs. ATP works to further Armenia's
economic and social development by mobilizing resources to fund reforestation. These vital new trees
provide food, wood, environmental benefits, and opportunities for economic growth.