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The first time Armen Aroyan took a group of Armenians to visit the villages of their ancestors was 1991. At that time, he wasn’t sure if this was a one-time visit, but it came after a few trips he had undertaken with a small group of friends.
“I recognized that visiting these places had special meaning for me.  And I thought, why not help others experience the same satisfaction,” says Aroyan...


Tom Vartabedian, The Armenian Weekly

Adventurist Armen Aroyan: 20 Years and Winding Down

WATERTOWN, Mass.—Adrina (Goshgarian) Kletjian remembers the time when she toured Western Armenia some years back with guide personified Armen Aroyan.
She had purchased a piece of pottery from Avanos, the land of her ancestors, and wanted it shipped back home to Boston. The parcel arrived shattered to bits, breaking Adrina’s heart like the package in her hands.